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What does SellOrJunkMyCar.com do?

SellOrJunkMyCar.com is the quick and easy way to sell your car for cash, in any condition, anywhere in the United States. With great offers provided instantly on our website and customer service we’re proud to call our own…it’s never been easier to turn your car into cash FAST.

We understand that your time is valuable and selling a car can feel like a tall order. We've been there! Which is why we developed a system to help you sell your car easier than ever before. That’s one less thing on your list, and a lot more cash in your pocket.

How does the instant offer process work?

You’ll answer several questions about your car. We then apply the answers to market data comparable to your vehicle so we can generate a fair and instant offer, which is the price we’ll buy your car for.

After receiving a quote, you’ll have 7 days to accept the offer. 

Upon accepting our offer, you tell us the time and day that works best for our local towing partner to come pick up your car. They’ll perform a quick check of the vehicle to make sure everything is as it should be, and hand you  the payment.

Do you buy cars from any city?

If you’re in the U.S….YES! You can sell your car to us from anywhere within the United States.

How long does the process typically take?

After accepting our offer, the carrier assigned to pick up your vehicle will typically contact you within a day or so in order to schedule the pickup. How fast it actually takes depends on the availability of both you and the carrier.

My car is in really bad condition. Will you still buy it?

Yes! We buy vehicles in every condition…good, bad and REALLY bad! We’re talking blown-engine, missing wheels, junky-as-can-be junkyard bad. Contact us for a quote and let’s see what we can do for you!

What happens to my car once you take it?

Depending on its condition, your car might be resold or recycled. We work with tons of car buyers, junk yards, salvage yards, recyclers and wholesalers nationwide so that we can make the very best decision for each car.

Do I (or the person I’m selling a car for) need to be present when the car is picked up?

Nope! As long as the title is signed in advance, the owner does not need to be present. Just ask your carrier if you can stand in for the vehicle owner when they call you to schedule pickup. If for some reason they are not able to accommodate, call us at (833) 757-1426 to discuss other options.

What if I decide to cancel an offer request?

No problem! Just log into your account to check the offer status or to cancel.
To cancel, simply click Decline. Piece of cake.

I still owe money on my car. Will you still buy it?

All loans and liens must be paid off before we can purchase your car.

What should I do in order to prepare for you to pick up my car?

Although your carrier will handle just about everything, a few things you could do include: empty your car of all personal belongings; make sure the car is easily accessible to the tow truck; have keys and title readily available; and be prepared to remove your license plate on pickup day.

What is considered “drivable”? And what if my car isn’t?

If your car is safe to drive, doesn’t have any MAJOR mechanical issues, and moves under its own power when in gear…then it is considered driveable.

If all of the above checks out, you have the keys available and a working battery in the vehicle…then you’re  all set!

My vehicle is very damaged and/or has missing parts. Can I still sell you my car?

YES! We have made offers on cars in just about any condition. Request an offer and let’s see what we can do.


How quickly will I get paid?

You’ll get paid for your car the minute you hand us the title and keys. It’s that easy! If for some reason you’re unable to be present at time of pickup, we’ll mail your payment.

What fees are involved?

NONE! You never have to pay to use SellOrJunkMyCar.com, our service is completely free.

My offer changed. What gives?

An offer is only locked in once you’ve accepted it. Our buyers can change their offers at any time prior to acceptance. The offer could also change prior to acceptance for other reasons, including a change in zip code where the car is located, incorrect VIN provided or a change to the vehicle’s condition. 

I need my car picked up FAST. Can we expedite the process?

Your carrier will typically call within 1-2 days to schedule pickup of your vehicle. If you’re worried that your vehicle might be impounded or towed, call your carrier directly to inquire about expedited pickup options. To obtain your carrier’s information, log into your account or check your email and/or text messages for information about your carrier. If you’re unable to reach them, call us at (833) 757-1426 for help.

Will I need to have my car appraised or inspected?

Nope! Once you accept an offer, we may ask you to send in photos and paperwork…but you won’t have to take your car anywhere for an appraisal or inspection. We come to you!

Can you pick up my car from a parking garage or home garage?

This depends on your carrier. Be sure to tell them before scheduling pickup if your vehicle is in a garage and can’t be moved, so that they can inform you whether-or-not they have the equipment necessary to remove it. If they are unable to accommodate, call us at (833) 757-1426 to make other arrangements.

What if I don’t have the keys?

We do buy cars without keys, though it could pose certain issues. Be sure to note that “the vehicle doesn’t start” before scheduling your pickup. If your carrier isn’t able to accommodate, call us at (833) 757-1426 and we’ll help you out.

Can you pick up my car now if I send you the keys or title later?

When filling out your vehicle’s information, be sure to choose “do not have title” and/or “vehicle does not start” in the case of missing keys. At that point, you can move forward with scheduling. We (or your carrier) will let you know if other arrangements need to be made.

Can my offer be negotiated?

No. In order to keep our process as simple as possible, our offers are hassle (and haggle!) free. Assuming all of the information you provided is accurate, and that there are no changes to the vehicle after receiving your offer, then rest assured your offer is 100% accurate.

Do I pay for towing?

Not a penny! Your carrier will pick up your car absolutely free of charge.

Will I be paid via cash or check?

To avoid having our carriers cart around large sums of cash, most payments are made via check. This helps ensure their safety while providing a paper trail for the sale of your car.

In rare cases our carriers can pay in cash, but the decision is up to them. Feel free to ask your carrier directly if they can accommodate a cash payment after you have accepted an offer.


The title holder is deceased. Can I still sell my car to SellOrJunkMyCar.com?

You might be able to sell your car with the title in the name of a deceased individual if you can provide additional documentation. After accepting an offer, contact your carrier to discuss your options and whether additional information is required in order to continue with the process. If they are unable to accept the title as is, you will need to transfer it to your name before we can buy your car.

Contact your local DMV with questions about transferring a title.

I don’t have the title. Can I still sell my car to SellOrJunkMyCar.com?

Yes! Many of our buyers do purchase vehicles that don’t have a title. When submitting an offer request, be sure to choose “do not have title.”

My title is showing that I owe money, but my car is paid off. What gives?

Once your car is paid off, it is the lien holder’s responsibility to inform the DMV. If the lien holder hasn’t done so, contact them directly to obtain a lien release. This will serve as proof that your lien has been paid off.

If my title is in the name of a business, can I still sell my car to SellOrJunkMyCar.com?

Yes! Be sure to let your carrier know that the title is in the name of a business before scheduling pickup. They’ll let you know what’s needed to show that you are an authorized signer for the business.

My car was titled in a different state than where it is located now. Can I still sell my car to SellOrJunkMyCar.com?

No problem! We can still buy your car, though the state where your title was issued may require certain information. Contact us at (833) 757-1426 for state-specific information related to your title.

My title is located in a different state than my car. Can I still sell my car to SellOrJunkMyCar.com?

We always do our best to accommodate sellers in every situation. However, the title does need to be with the vehicle when it is picked up.

If you’re unable to arrange this, give us a call at (833) 757-1426. We’ll do everything we can to accommodate or help you make other arrangements.

Can I sell my vehicle if the title is in someone else’s name (ie: spouse, parents’, brother’s, etc.)?

Sure! As long as the title is signed properly, you’re good to go.

I won’t be present when the carrier picks up my car. How can I provide them with the title?

Just make sure you discuss with the driver beforehand and let them know where you’ll leave the title for them.

My vehicle’s registration isn’t current. Can I still sell my car to SellOrJunkMyCar.com?

Absolutely! Just be sure you  have the current title.

How do I apply for a duplicate title/prepare my title for sale/finalize the sale process?

Answers to these questions will vary by state. Contact us at (833) 757-1426 for state-specific title information.


I submitted photos but haven’t heard back from SellOrJunkMyCar.com. What do I do now?

As long as your documentation is transferrable and the information you submitted is accurate, then we’ll assign a carrier to schedule a pickup of your vehicle.

If, on the other hand, we require additional information or documentation from you, we’ll contact you via phone or email.

If you submitted your photos more than 3 business days ago, call us at (833) 757-1426 for an update.

Why was my vehicle’s offer canceled?

In order to provide you with an offer, we require photos of your car so that we can inspect its condition. Your offer expires 7 days after you accept it. If you’re unable to send photos within that timeframe, you will need to submit a new offer request (which is quick and easy!). If you already submitted photos, we will review and assign a carrier that will contact you to schedule a pickup.

Can you help me understand what RPM’s are?

Revolutions Per Minute (RPM’s) inform a driver how fast the crankshaft spins as the car speeds up or slows down. It appears on the instrument cluster near the steering  wheel and resembles the image below. If SellOrJunkMyCar.com is reviewing photos of your car, and you noted that your car starts, then we might require a photo of the RPM’s above zero to demonstrate that it starts.

To take this photo, turn your car on and see if the RPM’s are above zero. If so, take a picture of the instrument cluster. If not, press the gas just a touch and take a photo of the instrument cluster.


How do I contact you with additional questions?

Questions about selling your car? Need info about your current offer or a past sale? Trying to reach our finance department? Call us at (833) 757-1426 for whatever you need and we’ll do our best to get you the answers you’re looking for.

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